Secondo l’art. 119 del Decreto Rilancio, relativo al solo cambio caldaia, è necessario:

  • Carry out the work on condominiums or be: -natural persons outside the exercise of business, arts and professions, for interventions on real estate units classified as first home, -Autonomous public housing institutes (IACP), however named, as well as entities having the same social purposes as the aforementioned institutes, established in the form of companies that meet the requirements of European legislation in the field of “in house providing” for interventions carried out on real estate, owned by them or managed on behalf of the municipalities, used for public residential construction, -undivided housing cooperatives for interventions on properties owned and assigned to its members for enjoyment.
  • Install boilers or heat pumps that comply with the minimum requirements decree (class A).
  • Perform the works by the dates 1/07/2020 – 31/12/2021.
  • Carry out the work on existing centralized systems.
  • Wait for the parliamentary process, for which the decree itself must obtain validation from the parliament by 19/07/2020.
  • Return to the maximum limit of € 30,000 per condominium unit.
  • To achieve an improvement of at least two building energy classes, also in conjunction with other interventions included in the decree (coat, photovoltaic installation, other) or, if not possible, the achievement of the highest energy class, to be demonstrated by means of the performance certificate Energy (APE), referred to in Article 6 of Legislative Decree 19 August 2005, n. 192, before and after intervention, issued by a qualified technician in the form of the sworn declaration.

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